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Yeshh XD

2010-04-20 12:53:59 by Xfantasy

Finished making a flash movie :D
hope u guys like it!!!
going to uploaded once i finished doing the final touches....


2010-04-04 12:21:30 by Xfantasy

Left the "dance off" project to try imrpoving my animating skills :D
Most probrably a ne trailer wilòl come out :D
btw Wish me good luck :D

New Flashes!!!

2010-03-19 12:42:33 by Xfantasy

Yay made 2 new flashes and didn't get banned XD
well i'm working on another flash called "-Dance Off-" :D
wish me good luck!!!!


2010-03-11 13:54:46 by Xfantasy

Yay finally got and installed adobe flash cs4 pro!!!!I shall try makin a good flash animation!!!

Project : zelda

2010-02-12 15:00:08 by Xfantasy

hello,newsground. I'm searching for anyone willing to make a zelda story(Legend of Zelda:the double sword chronicles).I need a good animator to do the animating(since I'm still a noob in animating), while I'll procure The Voice,music & sound effects.inform me for more details...

Project : zelda